Friday, November 5, 2010

Day 5 *29-Day Gift Challenge*

I am smiling as I begin to write about my gift as this whole concept of gift-giving is just so warming to my soul.  Well, I hope there are not any grammer teachers here critiquing (sp?) my spelling & grammer.  How about I just declare my blog a "spell & grammer free zone".  Ok ... I've declared so it is.  :-) 

Friday is my usual day off.  It is the day I can sometimes sleep in, which in this home means 7 a.m.  Last night I had gotten the sourdough starter out and mixed it with the milk & flour, knowing I wanted to make the farmer sourdough hotcakes this morning.  This would be my gift.  So often he gets up and has his usual cereal and yogurt.  The big ugghhh ... he got up at 4:25 a.m. this morning!!!  So, knowing he'd be hungry in a few hours, I decided I'd sleep until 6 and then get up.  So that I did.  And then I made him the hotcakes.  I love it when it tells me a meal is 'mighty good'.  And those were the words I heard this morning.  Cooking for my husband is an act of love for me.  Have you read the "Five Love Languages"?  If not, I recommend it.  Acts of service and doing for my husband fills one of my 'love tanks'.  He is a hard worker, works long hours often in not so great weather and by providing nourishment for him, and knowing he is being nourished and his health nurtured ... that makes me happy. 

Part of this challenge, as I understand it, is to also be aware of what I receive throughout my day.  Right now as I sit here in quietness with my Sassy-Cat snuggled next to me, a seasonal candle burning, and recognizing I've no tension in my body .... this moment is a gift.  No one is making demands of me.  The phone is not ringing.  Other then simple house hold chores, there is nothing I have to get up to rush & do.  I am taking the time to answer emails, check in on some scrapbooking boards, ready our weekly newspaper and enjoy a cup of hot tea.  As I look out the window I see our barn peeking through the chestnut tree ... the same tree that has leaves of many colors, some falling to the ground every now and then. 

Life is good. 


Sherry said...

I loved your post! Makes me think of Little House on the Prairie, with modern day conveniences. :)

Lynn said...

very cool post and your descriptions brought me right in with you.