Sunday, November 7, 2010

Day 6 & 7 *29-Day Gift Challenge*

This challenge is just that ... a challenge.  A challenge of my creativity, my thoughts about 'gifts', and being even more aware of those around me, both near & far. 

Starting each day with mediation & prayer, as outlined in the challenge, is helping me be mindful.  Yesterday as I was driving to Lewiston, I was looking forward to working cattle with my husband and at the same time, was preparing myself for the 'disagreements' we often have, as most other couples do, when working cattle.  It was during that thought that I realized I needed to change my thinking.  So I decided that I would change my thoughts to:
*As the cowboy told me to 'go that way or go this way' (as I'm helping gather cattle), I'd do it and not ask why or make a smart ass remark (which I LOVE to do!);
*Think of this as an opportunity to soak up his years of knowledge and become better at working with cattle;
*What a great way to spend time with my husband, doing something he is passionate about & working as a team. 

Part of the gift-giving challenge is to be open about receiving.  I've been hesistant about the 'receiving' part.  Oh, don't get me wrong ... being nurtured & receiving gifts is something I'm all for.  I struggle at receiving.  Maybe it is because I've been on my own for so long and had become used to nourishing myself.  So ... I will work on being receptive & become more aware of the little things that come my way. 

Now on to the gifts. 

Day 6 ~ Once again I thought I had it figured out and then when reading about something that a friend is wanting to collect, I happened to have a box full.  She is wanting to collect many colors of DMC thread.  So, I fixed up an envelope with a variety of colors, added a note and put it in the mailbox.  I can't wait to 'see' her surprise. 

Day 7 ~ This evening I wrote a note on a homemade card to a friend who has been in my thoughts.  She has had health issues for the past few years.  She is a very gracious woman, always asking about my life, my children & grandchildren.  A very lovely woman.  I don't see her as often as I'd like.  Althougth I'll be seeing her in a couple weeks at a social event, I wanted to let her know I'm thinking of her, filled her in on some grandbaby news and wished her Happy Holidays.  Afterall, the holidays are upon us. 

I also baked biscotti for my Mason Jar's birthday box.  So hard to believe he will be 2 on November 16th.  He has been having issues putting on weight, so my Steenameen asked if I would bake some biscotti for him.  Putting together a box of 'love' is a great part of this Grandma business. 

One more note about receiving -- on Day 3, an acquaintance had seen an article about the organization I work for and the volunteers we have.  He wrote out a check as a donation for our senior nutrition program -- I would call that a great gift.  A gift that will benefit many a wonderful community. 

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AngMomof3 said...

Hey there... you're the winner of a gift! :) Saw that you won over at Write Click Scrapbook. Lucky you! Give and you shall receive! :)