Thursday, November 4, 2010

Day 4 *29-Gifts Challenge*

I am only on Day 4 and it seems like this is something I've been aware of for much longer.  I continue to reference the book, thinking of the ways Cami was creative with her gift giving.  One question I find myself asking 'me' ... is each act of kindness, each response to a request ... are these all gifts?  What truly defines a gift?  I had an unexpected request yesterday and I was able to help the individual.  I was grateful that I was able to help the individual in need.  I am not going to analyze it; I'm going to be thankful that I am in a position that I could help that person on that day. 

Today my gift was to someone I've not met.  I had recently purchased several copies of "29 Gifts" from Amazon at a wonderful!!! price.  I knew that I would give one copy to someone who I'm hoping will read the book, and use the information to get out of themselves and focus on others ... hoping to assist in a healing process.  Enabling?  Maybe, but what the heck - if it works, then it is a gift to many people involved in that individual's life. 

Back to Day 4's gift.  I'm a passionate scrapbooker.  I'm addicted to paper.  I'm not a perfectionist.  I am not a fancy scrapper, it is just something I do.  Glueing buttons, stapling ribbon & paper, putting pictures of my grandsons and our life on paper and then putting them into books gives me hours of endless joy and it is also my therapy.  I enjoy gifting scrapbooks to family, friends & as fund-raisers for auctions (living in a rural community we seem to have a lot of auctions for fundraisers).  Watching people faces as they look at my books, whether they be scrapped or created on a website & purchased is priceless. 

My gift recipient is someone I have met only recently at an on-line scrapbooking community  There was something in her words she wrote that spoke to me.  So I made a bookmark, placed it in the book and mailed it off today. 

To be continued .....

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