Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I think I'm a little Southern .... *A whimsical note about me*

Somewhere deep down in this country soul of mine is a Southern Gal waiting to be unleashed.  And I'm completely serious.  I subscribe to Southern Living, love Paula Deen (who doesn't), would love to drink sweet tea, have a magnolia tree in my yard, eat hush puppies and just be that gracious Southern Gal who is refined, hair is coiffed, speaks with that sweet southern drawl and wear cute pedal pushers and a crisp white blouse. 

I really do enjoy just about most things Southern.  I lived in North Carolina for five years and that is where my love of the south started.  I graduated from Campbell University, so I can say I am an alumna of a Southern university. 

It has been my observation that life tends to be slower and more relaxed in the south ... something I'm all about. 

So to all my southern gal pals, those who read my blog ... please let me know of Southern gals blogs, southern deco blogs and anything you think I might enjoy. 

Happy Summer Y'all! 

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Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog!!! I love the south, even though I was born in the north I consider TN home! As far as blogs go I don't know of any but will let you know if I find any!