Monday, June 28, 2010

Housekeeping? This time of year, are you kidding me?

This time of year I'm outside, alot.  I come to town and work during the day ... because, Behind every successfull ranch/farmer is a wife who works in town.  Ok, whatever ... ;-)  I'd rather be in my yard from sun-up to sundown.  I make more work for myself and my garden still looks so ... well like it is the Garden of Weedin'.  But, it's all good. 

I'm not the most motivated person in the world.  And if I were to describe myself I'd say I'm laid back, relaxed, anxious, ditzy-at-times, scattered, and I can go from cleaning closets to baking cookies in no time flat.  Staying focused and on task is a challenge.  Probably why I like to scrapbook --- I can be all over the place. 

Back to housekeeping.  So I'm trying to learn at my young age of 48 the tricks to keeping a clean farmhouse (is that an oxymoron?) while maintaining my self-indulged (is that the correct grammer) garden (flower & vegetable), help my husband as needed and scrapbooking. 

When I came to work this morning (in town) my co-workers asked the usual "So how was  your weekend?"  Do I say the proverbial ... "not long enough" or "it was great" or do I say "Well, lets see ... gathered cattle on horseback at 5 a.m. Saturday morning (and that was after fellowshiping with the neighbor gals the evening before taking in some vino), worked a few heifers, mowed the yard, pulled weeds, planted flowers (it is a bad addiction yet pain free), did laundry, made meals, visited with a friend passing by, drank fluids & took aspirin (due to the fellowshipping), helped moved equipment and finally came in at about 8:30, showered and the next thing I know ..... Good Night! 

So to go back to the top ... what are some housekeeping shortcuts you have?  Please let me know.  Short of hiring a housekeeper (best shortcut I can think of!) ... I've a few, but would like to hear yours. 


Sherry said...

I know what you mean, we just moved to a place with a few acres and there is sooo much to do outside, I struggle to find the time to clean the house, laundry, make sure my kids are clean, etc. Not to mention, time for scrapping!! If someone gives you a good answer, would you please share it with me!

Anonymous said...

I don't have a farm or a Ranch but I do live in the a crazy farm does that count? My house is Hectic to say the least. I have had to learned that my house isn't messy its lived in....The best house short cut I have is bribing someone else to do it. Someone is always needing a couple extra dollors.