Sunday, November 1, 2009

Nesting & A Hodge Podge of thoughts, musing & holiday music (already!)

First I wanted to share my Halloween pictures.  Had fun carving the pumpkin.  I don't remember carving a pumpkin since the kids have been at home ... so at least 10 years ago!  I went nontraditional & used patterns I found on line at  So much fun.  Even cut my 'lid' from the bottom -- so much easier to put my candle on the bottom.  Then I decided to put a not so scary fella on the front porch.  I sure had fun decorating and preparing the front porch.  It brought a 'smile to my heart'.  I need to remember that it is the little things, the fun things that make me happy & bring joy into my life. 

Nesting:  Do you find yourself 'nesting' at this time of the year?  Yesterday I decided to create a much cozier feel in our home.  I changed some decor out and replaced it with more fall-like colors.  Found a few dishes in the attic, filled them with chestnuts from the from yard (and we have LOTS!), put a darker quilt over a chair, made a pan of hot spiced wine and the smell drifted through the home and I knew I was home!  What do you do in your home to create comfort, love & coziness? 

Thoughtfullness on Words: 

Yesterday while listening to Soul Series (Oprah's XM station) I was listening to a conversation between a Christian pastor and a professor of Philosophy @ Columbia University who was also studying Buddhism.  He said something that has stuck with me "... Impermanence is part of our life".  The Pastor spoke of his Mom often saying words that he now looks back and would say "Mom was Buddhist".  She would say those words we all have heard so often ... "This, too, shall pass".  The philosophy professor went on to expand with the thought that not only the 'bad' shall pass but also the 'good' as nothing in our life is permanent. 

November 1, 2009

It's the most wonderful time of the year!  While I was in the Fabric store yesterday they were playing Holiday Tunes!  Outloud I said "already!" ... and my inside voice was yelling "Yay!!!"  I L.O.V.E. holiday tunes.  Each year I promise myself one new holiday CD.  Any recommendations?  I was looking at the new Sting Winter CD ... have heard good reviews.  Would love to hear what your recommendations would be for holiday music.  I'm open to all suggestions -- I've quite an eclectic taste in music. 

Happy Holidays!


NICOLE said...

love your porch!

Wendy said...

I like your porch decor, especially your carved pumpkin. About your front door-- have you tried the "Ugly Duck" in Spokane?