Thursday, November 5, 2009

Insanity at its Finest

This is the bumper sticker on the back of the cattle truck ... and I've come to discover it's truth.  One of these days I'll expand upon my thoughts about "Insanity at its Finest".

Conversation at our home this morning:

Cowboy:  "I'm getting ready to load".
Wife: "Have a good one ... see you tonight"

*Homefront gets quiet and I continue to get ready for the day. *

Cowboy in loud voice:  "Are you in here?"
Wife: Yes
Silence from Cowboy
Wife:  Do you need me?
Silence and door shuts.
I pull on my pink (yes oh so girly) clogs, a coat, grab the camera (you never know) and head out towards the barn.

Cowboy:  Pointing to front of truck and barks the orders "Stand between the truck and the fence".
Wife sees two cows running up the road and our great cowdogs chasing them ... in the wrong direction!!!
Cowboy chases cows in pick-up with two smart cowdogs in the back barking (they are fierce!)
Cowboy gets cows back down into the barn lot.

Just another moment at the Big Red Barn.   

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