Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Most Kissable Lips & Honey's Cookies

When I worked at a retirement community they would have a most kissable lips contest. The women would put on their red lipstick, plant a smacker on a piece of paper and then the men would vote on the 'most kissable lips'! Isnt' that a hoot!

What do you do for Valentines Day? Are you a hopeless romantic? Do you own stock in Hallmark thus you see it as a commercial made-up day?

Me -- hopeless romantic. Eternally hoping & wishing for the ultimate V-Day.

Let me back up here. I have had the ultimate Valentine Day many, many times at different times in my life. As a little girl and having gone to an all girls school until 8th grade -- well Valentines from my classmates were fun, but they weren't the ones. I remember Mom helping make my Valentine mail box, creating Valentines for my classmates and teachers. And of course Mom always baked her special Valentine sugar cookies with a maraschino (sp?) cherry filling. I remember when she would send them to me later in life, I'd hide them in the freezer because I didn't want to share them with my family. I've tried to imitate the recipe, but it just doesn't have Mom's love in it.

Ultimate Valentine Days after children: Helping the kids make their Valentines for classmates & friends, and also their special mailboxes. Sharing their giggles when they came home and read who they got Valentines from and maybe what that Valentine 'meant'. I have always cherished the memories fo the kids making me homemade cards, special gifts, and as they got older -- tasty food. Those were definitely true love days for me. The kids also looked forward to Honey's (my Mom) homemade cards & of course, the above mentioned cookies. Honey would always write a poem just for them .. something to the tune of 'Roses are Red, Violets are Blue ........'

Being the hopeless romantic that I am I like to make a big deal on Valentine's Day. Candles, music, a special meal .... a day out of the year that I purposely give an extra emphasis on how much I appreciate and love the man of my life.

I love the unexpected and I look forward to the unexpected. If you are part of my special circle of friends you are probably thinking ... "is this the year?" Well if I knew the answer that would be expected .... so lets all wait for the unexpected.

I'd enjoy hearing about a memorable Valentine Day you've experienced.


Leigh said...

Most memorable valentine's?
My dh, who was then my fiance, showed up at the museum where I was working with a dozen red roses. :)

Dria said...

I loved reading about your "Valentine's days" My most memorable-
MY dh of 26+ years proposed on Valentines Day 1982 :)