Friday, July 25, 2008

101 Random Facts

I saw this on Staci's blog and then on Leslie Ashes, so thought 'what the heck' I'm going to take the plunge and get to writing. Might take me awhile, but it'll be fun.

1. I was born in San Diego, California,
2. supposed to be born on July 4th,
3. was 10 days late
4. I celebrate my birthday every year
5. have no issues telling people it is my birthday
6.sing happy birthday to my kids no matter where they are every year
7. I was the Virgin Mary in 3rd grade
8. in Yokohama, Japan
9. I used to play hide and go seek at the Buddha in Kamakura, Japan
10. love curry rice (made with curry blocks) over white sticky rice
11. love peanut butter
12. with marshmallow creme (fluff)
13. or with homemade jelly
14. just ate a pb & raspberry jelly sandwich one hour ago
15. picked the raspberries from our front yard
16. takes me about 1-1/2 hours to mow our yard
17. on a riding lawn mower
18. ran over my guy's sweat shirt the other day
19. had to hoist the lawn mower up in the shop
20. Meghan showed me how
21. laid on the floor of the shop
22. looked like a mechanic (such a photo op)
23. after about 20 minutes & using scissors, the sweat shirt was freed!
24. I owe my guy a new sweatshirt .... or the pups do
25. I got up at 5:30 this a.m.
26. I was secretly hoping it was Saturday
27. I have a new pair of shorts on today
28. I had ordered the same exact style/color earlier this summer
29. The first pair got some stains on them,
30. but I still wear them
31. I named my son, Jacob, after John Wayne "Big Jake"
32. My grandma thanked me for naming him after her Dad,
33. I had no clue!!!
34. Same thing with my daughter Christina .. her Dad named her,
35. received letter from Grandma ... Christina was her Mom's name .. no clue!
36. I have lived in the United States
37. Japan
38. Iceland.
39. I was in the Navy,
40. dated a guy with really long hair
41. he played in a band
42. I was a groupie
43. I went to college in NC
44. Attended Campbell University (Camp LeJeune campus)
45. I was 31 years old when I started,
46. Finished four years later
47. Received my degree in Psychology
48. CLEP'd 10 classes!!!!
49. I worked for the Univ of AZ while overseas and in NC
50. My Mom would cut my bangs when they were wet,
51. Wet hair shrinks when it dries,
52. My bangs were never cut straight across,
53. She had this curve thing happening on my forehead.
54. and then she'd put my hair in pigtails or braids,
55. pulling the hair tightly (ouch)
56. so my eyes became kinda distorted and not so round.
57. Oh, and then she'd put curlers in my hair,
58. I had to sleep on them
59. Sponge curlers are not easy to sleep on!
60. My Mom visited us in Japan,
61. She & I went to the Fertility Festival
62. I won't explain it ... google it (I haven't yet)
63. I have pictures of the festival ... OH MY!
64. Mom & I went to Hong Kong and China also
65. We went on a nightclub tour
66. Went to the Stoned Crow, an australian bar,
67. Didn't know my Mom would do those things.
68. She didn't drink
69. I did!
70. Went to the Fertility Festival again
71. A couple years later
72. Shortly thereafter, I was pregnant!
73. So my first daughter was born in San Diego,
74. my second daughter in Japan (and she has red hair!)
75. my incredible & only son was born in 29 Palms
76. I was on a swim team when I was younger,
77. hated practice
78. loved socializing with friends,
79. still love socializing with friends!
80. enjoy vino,
81. enjoy drinking vino with friends.
82. Want to go on the trail ride to the different vineyards in the fall,
83. When I was a pre-teen, I was so in love with Akira
84. He was the lead singer for Finger 5
85. They were the Japanese version of Jackson 5
86. They sang the Jackson 5 songs in Japanese
87. I had their albums
88. knew all the words
89. AND their dance moves!
90. I saw them in concert.
91. I chased after Davy Jones (from the Monkees) with other 'fans'
92. I was about 8 years old
93. My first record player was bright yellow
94. I could play 45s and big records on them
95. I know all the words to "How Much is that Doggie in the Window"
96. I live on a farm/ranch
97. I sure do enjoy working with cattle
98. I don't get squeamish when helping deliver calves
99. When I was pregnant with my first daughter, I ate grilled cheese & onion sandwiches
100. I sucked my thumb until I was 12.
101. If I laugh too hard, well ... use your imagination!


Anonymous said...

enjoyed reading your 101!

I get the dogs owing somebody new clothing! ;)


Chrys said...

Fun read!!!

DawnW said...

Hiya Suzy! how the weather in the north country? We are in the middle of the hay harvest more shot before summer is over.

Love your "facts". See you round the cottage