Friday, August 15, 2008


Wow, less than 10 weeks and I'm going to be a Grandma. I wonder what the babies will call me. Missy named my Mom "Honey" and that is what we always referred to her as. My brother nicknamed me "Tootie" as he couldn't say Suzy ... so who knows. I am 100% ok with Grandma. Honey was the ultimate grandma. She sewed, baked & was just 'there' even from a distance. I have much to live up to.

Still so hard to believe that my girls are each pregnant. Missy is due October 21 and Nina is due December 28. Big sister and then little sister. Perfect order. Missy is sooooo beautiful pregnant. Her pregnancy has been uneventful as far are complications, etc. The events have been wonderful ... feeling Gavin kick, watching her belly do 'the wave' and the great cravings that come along with being with child. I saw pictures of her this morning and oh my goodness, Gavin Liam, is going to be one big boy. She is all belly. Thank goodness she didn't take after me in pregnancy ... I was all belly, all butt, all boobs, and more! This morning we find out what Nina will be having. Nina, on the other hand, has been on bed rest off and on. We continue to pray for her health and that the little one in her keeps 'cooking' for a while.

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