Sunday, August 5, 2007

Half-way through Harvest

I can't believe it ... we're half-way done! I thought all the projects I had lined up in my oh-so-cluttered mind would be 'half-way' done ... nope!

Last night we had the annual McRanch mid-harvest pizza party. We have it in whatever stubble field we're at. This year we were right off of the highway ... lots of fun! Friends & neighbors of all ages were there. A few were teasing me that I had a tablecloth (wasn't white) on the table and I pointed out that in Country Living magazine all of their outdoor shoots have table cloths! Next year we'll put out straw bales and then who knows, you might just see us on the cover of Country Living! Our saving grace this year were two things .... the weather cooled (we had to get sweatshirts on) and the biggie ..... we finally have a pizza place in town!!! Woo-Hoo!!!! I ordered a garlic chicken pizza and put that on the back of the pick-up (one of many there) for the 'girls". The guys just wouldn't have appreciated a 'gourmet' pizza! We had a few coolers .... an adult one and a 'kiddie' one! Next year I'll definitely bring lanterns out. A couple people asked where the preacher was .. guess they thought we'd be having a surprise wedding. Puh-leeze .... I'd at least have taken a shower! I did chuckle and tease my guy ... wonder if he got the hint?

Went to a crop on Friday night ... got only five cards done. Yikes .... I'm way too slow on some things. I was helping my neighbor with some of her layouts and I just am plumb slow when it comes to doing some things. I just need to do it! So, this evening I'll get my cards done and print out the recipes for the recipe swap. Got deco swap shopping done, just need to deco the (can't say it just in case Rox is reading this).

Heading to a funeral on Tuesdays. Always so sad to someone pass away at a young age ... any age at that. Arlene was 64 and the wife of one of my guy's best friends.

So, what else is going on in my life right now.....
Oh, here is my to do list I'll share with you or a portion of it
  • Make zuchinni relish
  • Make pickles
  • Pick green beans
  • Pick swiss chard
  • Make pesto from basil in garden
  • Pray that my tomatoes will really show up from those cute little blossoms
  • Pray that my green peppers will really show up from those cute little blossoms
  • Hope & pray I get lots! and lots! of adorable pumpkins in my pumpkin patch
  • Go grocery shopping this afternoon
  • Get stuff together for the Harvest Breakfast in the morning
  • Scrap my swaps tonight
  • Weed my garden of 'weeden'
  • Iron some shirts
  • Get the farm dirt off of my good black heels for the funeral on Tuesday
  • Clean out my car
  • Wash my car
  • Cancel my pedicure appt on Tuesday (I'll be out of town)
  • Return library books

What's on your To-Do List!!!!


Jayne said...

Jeesh girl! Your to do list made me tired just reading it! LOL. The harvest party sounds like a fun time! Keep giving your guy those hints!!!

Jeanne said...

Hi Suzy, love the blog girl! Laugh at your tablecloth story. Good for you. ANd what a to do list!

Sharon said...

Whew!!! Were did you gwet all that energy just to write your to-do list!!!
Sounds like you had a fun time, wish I were there.....(I like tablecloths)

Dawn W said...

To do list? HA... what is that?

We are in the middle of harvest as well, but with only 180 acres (part corn, part hay) it doesn't take that long. Good luck with that list.