Wednesday, August 8, 2007

I got a band-aid!

Oh, I just about forgot ... my word for today is 'PEACE'. Recently a co-worker came back from a retreat with a gift for each of us. She personally selected a written verse for each of us in a frame. The one she chose for me is so appropriate .... 'Let peace be your quest and aim'.

I've got cooties!!!!! So today I decided I was finally going to see the doc because I'm continuing to get bit up (I'm so sweet!) and for some reason this year, my body is not liking the bites and is reacting. The NP decided I needed a shot. Didn't think anything of it until the nurse came in and told me she was going to give me a shot in my bum! Haven't had a shot there since I was a kid. But, she put a band-aid on it!

My daughters called me today and asked how to make salsa. I love the feeling that my kids still need me. The fun part was that they were both in the grocery store .... all the way across the United States in VA! A little bit later Missy called back and asked why her food processor wasn't working ... I had used in back in May when I was visiting. So, I walked her through the steps to get it to work ... it did.

Last week Missy and I had talked about different ways to cook ground beef and to eat healthy on a budget. She mentioned that she was making hamburger helper. I reminded her that I NEVER cooked HH when they were kids, to full of sodium, etc. She said "I know ... but we've discovered how good it tastes." Oh well.....

We went to a funeral yesterday for the wife of a dear friend of ours. She was only 64. As the picture show set to music was showing, in my mind I was thinking not only how fun this individual was but at the same time ... what pictures would my family pick for me ... or should I pick them out? Ever since I worked in retirement community, this has been a continual thought for me. Maybe gruesome, maybe not.

At the Cottage, there has been a challenge issued to post our "To Do Lists or Agendas" for the next few days. Mine is:

  • Stop itching these blessed *&^%^&*(*&( bug bites!
  • Take ice cream & beverages to the harvest crew this p.m.
  • Finish the recipe & decorated item swaps
  • Continue to resist the temptation for sweets & calorie laden foods
  • Do a load of laundry tonight
  • Continue to work in the garden of weeden
  • Bake some banana bread
  • Clean up the kitchen
  • Get a grocery list & recipes together
  • Make relishes this weekend
  • Get my peaches so I can can them & make jams
  • Continue practice patience with particular individuals in my life
  • Pray for my son's continued healing and his beginning of a new career, the Marines, the last week of this month
  • Pick out the paint for the laundry area

That's about it for now.

Harvest Update: We're on barley now, so it should be about less than 10 days or so. When harvest is done we'll go on our annual get away. My guy is such a sweetie, always lets me pick where I want to go. This year I'm choosing the Imnaha, Oregon. My Mom grew up there and it is absolutely beautiful. My cousins own the Tavern/Store there, so it is always a fun place to visit, catch up on family and just kick back and relax. We enjoy just driving around, looking at the other farms/ranches, checking out the cows and more than anything .... spending time together. We even take our dogs with us. We'll stay in Joseph, Oregon. Joseph is home to bronze foundries. The artwork is exquisite.

That's it for today.

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Jayne said...

Aw, Suzy, I'm sorry about your friends wife. This is a pretty bad week for us all in that aspect. {hugs}
Hope the shot (heehee) takes care of the cooties!