Wednesday, August 1, 2007

To Life ... or another Wednesday morning & I'm dragging!

Harvest!!! It is that time of the year when farmers get 'paid'. I love the intensity, comraderie, traditions and also, my quiet time in the evenings & weekends. This morning I cooked breakfast for the crew & enjoyed it. I sure do miss cooking for a big family, yet at the same time, welcome the opportunity to enjoy life & our 'moments' with my guy.

I'd like to do more of my scrapbooking & writing but just seems likes lately something else pops up. I need to get motivated .... lots of ideas, yet blocks. I miss alot of my friends from the Cottage, yet know that each of us grow & move in a variety of directions/areas --- it is part of our personal growth & what defines us. Enough of that.

My latest 'question' ... ok, this sounds so lame, but --- do I really need to hold on to those ka-dozen rubbermaid totes full of material? Am I really going to make all those quilts? pillows? Baby blankies & Barbie blankets/clothes for my 'not even a twinkle in the sky' grandkids?

Well, back to work.

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