Friday, August 10, 2007

An Article I wrote a few years back....

**I wrote this article in 2002 ... I sure wish I still had this business. I had so much fun life coaching and working with women, especially Moms who were 'overwhelmed'.

Inspiration - The Possibilities are Endless
by Susan Kingsly, Professional Life Coach

Motivate me! Inspire me! Rejuvenate me! Whoa! I'm asking others to do something for me -not a bad thing. But consider this, the inspirations that you hold within your soul are infinite. On any given day each of us finds something, whether is be a phrase, a picture, or someone that we feel inspires us. What does inspiration feel like? What does inspiration look like? How do you know when you are inspired? How do you use that information? I recently read a mediation card that read " . . .. Joy lives in small places." Does that mean I have to go on an inspiration hunt? Maybe, and maybe not.

Each of us lives with the possibility of inspiration right in our own souls. We know what inspires us, but often don't allow ourselves the 'permission', if you will, to inspire ourselves. Why is that? Who knows? THE TIME IS NOW! The possibilities are endless! So get ready my friends and
receive the inspirations freely. Remember as a child when you had an idea, you'd get so excited, and couldn't wait to follow through on it. Or maybe when you were in a new relationship you wanted to try new things ... just because.

Those were times of inspiration. When are your times of inspiration now? If you have to get out your Palm Pilot or day planner to schedule 15 minutes a day to 'reflect' on inspiration -- then do it. One idea might be to keep a small notebook in your purse or on your desk and when you have an 'inspiration moment' write it down. It doesn't have to be a complete sentence - it might be a word, a picture you cut out of a magazine or a song that you hear. Why not start an 'Inspiration Journal'?

My challenge to you is to put those inspirations to use. Inspiration and motivation sometimes go hand in hand. My goal in writing this article is not to inspire you, but for each of you to consider the possibilities of inspiration in your life. Think of something inspiring right now -- how do you feel? Are you smiling? Do you feel warm? Are you motivated? Remember those feelings; that is what you want to go for and recreate.

Recently I received an email from an old friend - I couldn't wait to open her email. It started off like this: Suzy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now, you know when a letter starts off like that and I have a huge smile on my face, that this individual is a definite friend. When I think of her I begin to smile, my mind remembers fond and fun memories ... she is a soul friend. Her email was a reminder to me of what I need in a good friendship ... something I haven't really done since moving to my
new home. Her email inspired me to work towards the goal of an inspirational and 'soulful' friendship ... one that is good for my soul and for me. Whether you have to go on an inspiration hunt or give yourself permission to open up to the possibilities of inspiration in your soul, the time is now. The possibilities of inspiration are endless .... they are within you.
Suzy Kingsly is a Life Coach, Motivational Speaker and Training Consultant who lives in Spokane, Washington. She has designed and facilitates the "Soulful Self Seminar for Women" and created "Soul Parties" for women. For more information on Suzy and Side-by-Side Consulting & Coaching, check out her website at

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