Friday, August 10, 2007


Simplify ... Simplify my life. Saying "no" and meaning it. Following through with a task -- yet keeping the task 'simple' and not 'overwhelming'. Hearing my guy when he says he wants something light to eat and not thinking I have to make a 5 course meal.

Simplify. In scrapbooking .... to not think I have to put a gazillion embellishments or try many techniques on one page. Simplify --- fresh, clean, less is more.

Simplify. Knowing it is okay to not have a dozen closets full of clothes. Great book that amplifies this ... "Jesus on a Harley".

Simplify. Keeping my lists to 'five or less'.

Simplify. Being realistic and not overwhelming myself with others expectations.

Simplify. Keep it simple.

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