Saturday, August 11, 2007


Amazed ..... So amazed at where I'm at in life today. Always hoped, never thought. Always dreamed, never anticipated those dreams would become reality. Not all dreams & hopes -- yet a scewed (spell?) version of them.

Amazed that I'm able to look out my window and watch the sunrise beyond the hills. Amazed that I'm able to watch the alfalfa fields being irrigated. Amazed that the birds are chirping and dancing about one of my many gardens.

Amazed that my son will be going into the Marine Corps in two weeks. Amazed that my beautiful daughters are such wonderful 'Moms' to him. I should clarify, not amazed, but so incredibly blessed that they've this relationship. My children are amazing in my mind & soul. Each so different. My Mom always said ".... it takes some flowers longer bloom then others". Lord knows I'm the poster child for that saying.

Amazed that Mom, our 'Honey', transitioned from this life 10 years ago.

Amazed that I'm in a relationship with a man that is amazing! So strong, gentleman, a man of his word, steadfast values, hardworking, and of course .... my cowboy!


Jeanne said...

Baby I'm Amazed! Beautiful post Suzy, what a celebration of life.

Christi Snow said...

Suzy, I love reading your is so uplifting. Thanks for sharing it... smiles!

Jayne said...

I agree with Jeanne...your life is a great celebration!!! You live it well.

Sharon said...

I think you are and *Amazing* talented woman. You write so well it becomes a visual to me.