Thursday, December 23, 2010

*Merry Christmas*

*Merry Christmas from the Big Red Barn*
My dearest Mom always said "Christmas comes the same time every year".  So true, yet for many I hear the same refrain, "I'm not ready.".  I'm ready.  Ready in different ways.  Lists have been made. Gifts to be wrapped.  Cards have been sent.  Boxes of goodies off to my kids, their families and my big brother.  

What I look forward to at Christmas is the quiet moment.  The moment when everyone in the house (that would be the farmer, the cat and the dogs (who should be outside) are fast asleep.  I sit in the living room, cozy in my pjs, quiet Christmas music on, a glass of wine or hot buttered rum in my hand, and only the glow of the Christmas lights brighten my world.  I usually (always) get tearful as I recall why we have Christmas.  I recall Christmas's past.  I am happy for the wonderful traditions my children have memories of.  I am grateful for the Christmas's I now have.  I am blessed with an extraordinary husband. Life is good and for that I am grateful.


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Wanna Be A Country Cleaver said...

There is so much to be thankful for. I've been reflecting myself today, in amidst of the chaotic baking frenzy I've been in. I know this will be a special one. Happy Holidays Suzy!! God Bless :)