Thursday, December 23, 2010

Bacon and Eggs anybody?

Every year I make bacon & eggs.  You're thinking, ok?  These are just any ordinary bacon and eggs, these are THE bacon and eggs.  Let me show you

Step One ... lay the bacon in pairs on waxed paper ......

Step 1 -- lay the bacon in pairs on the fry pan (waxed paper)
Step 2 - Gently spoon the egg white over the bacon (white chocolate)

Step 3 - Place the yolk (M&M) over the egg white.  Let set. 

How is that for an easy treat!  My kids always called them "green eggs & ham".  Silly kids.  I have a friend that told her husband she was serving eggs & bacon for dinner one evening and she did ... but it was the good kind!!!!  Can't go wrong with chocolate & pretzels. 

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Lynn said...

well yum!!! i can do that. lol!