Thursday, July 29, 2010

And we're off ... maybe

Well Harvest is here ... maybe!  The anticipation and anxiety is at an all time high.  Combines are polished, the wheels on the trucks are shining, the wheat is just a teensy bit a way from being ready.  The freezers are packed with harvest goodies, the lunch coolers are washed, bleached and ready to be filled.  Costco runs are done.  Now we are just waiting ... and waiting.  In the meantime we're on our second cutting of alfalfa hay, finishing loading, hauling and stacking the first cutting of Timothy.  So as far as being off ... well maybe off of our rockers alittle if those outside of our lifestyle were to look in and wonder why we work so hard.  Seems like our days run right into each other during this time of the year. 

I cherish my cup of coffee with my husband in the mornings.  The calmness, no rushing ... just our time.  Maybe discussing plans for the day, the weather or the futures.  I relish (no pun intended) packing his lunch and knowing that his nourishment is my job.  I look forward to the end of the day when I head home from my job in town, watch the activity in the fields, explore around the ranch to see what is going on and then get on with my jobs at home. I like the anticipation of "can I time dinner just right?".  I also enjoy (guilty pleasure) the quiet evenings of harvest when I can scrapbook, work on grandkid projects or just putz around in the garden. 

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Donna OShaughnessy said...

Suzy, I too love my coffee time with hubbie before we hit our day RUNNING. We always plan to talk in the evenings too but one of us alwasy seems to fall alseep in the middle of dinner at 10PM ! Farm life. What a hoot.