Saturday, November 28, 2009

We grow into our cowboy boots ....

Love is ... a great pair of cowboy boots!!! 

On my last day in New Jersey last week, Christina & decided that Mason Jar should have his one year portraits done by some great photographers with their fancy schmancy cameras --- that would be me (Grandma) and Nina (his Mom) with our Canon point & shoots!  So we dressed up the little guy and off we went to find that pile of leaves in the backyard.  Let me back up to the 'dressing' part.  Mom wanted a different shirt then Grandma.  I am partial to plaid shirts and blue jeans ... and guess what, I won!!  It wasn't much of a struggle, but still ... he was wearing that plaid shirt and I loved it.  As far as the cowboy boots, well it took some effort to keep them on his little feet.  So I tried to hold them in place during the pictures. 

Love how this picture shows the difference in our sizes ... the realness (if that is a word) of life.  We all begin small and grow into our boots. 

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Pamela said...

Oh that is one cool photo!!! :)