Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving & Thankfulness

This morning I was visiting with the farmer while he was working as choreboy at the feedlot.  He was telling me about the various things people were sharing they were thankful for on the radio this morning.  There were the usual ... family, job, home, etc.  And then a little girl came on and said she was thankful for her kitten.  It is the little things in our life that bring us great pleasure, joy and it is those things that, at least for me, I sometimes forget to express an attitude of gratitude. 

To list everything I'm thankful for would take me quite awhile ... so here is a short summary: 
*wet baby kisses
*my grandsons' voices during our phone conversations
*my daughters' ensuring that Grandma & Grandpa are able to see pictures (quickly) of our grandsons
*my husband -- his dedication to making sure we live a life that allows us nourishment, shelter and safety
*my friends who support my passions & encourage me to try new things
*my son - my 'baby' ... his dedication to self

As I remember Thanksgivings past, I have many memories of my children & the traditions we created as a family.  Drawing names at the Thanksgiving Table for our annual ornament exchange, saying 'Grace' and sharing what we each were thankful for.  And as the head cook ... letting each one of the kids pick a pie that I would make for them that year.  A few years we even ventured to New York City, braving the crowds to watch the Macy's Day parade while Mom-Mom Barber would get Thanksgiving Dinner ready for us when we returned to Greenwich from NYC.  There were Thanksgivings when we would share our table with Marines & families that were away from home. 

As I left the Military life, I began a new life.  In this new life, I continued to create Thanksgiving memories.  Working on Thanksgiving and being with my residents, sharing the Thanksgiving Feast once again with individuals whose families were unable to be present or maybe their families were no longer living.

And as I've begun a new chapter in my life, I continue to share Thanksgiving with loved ones, creating new traditions and ensuring that my loved ones, near & far, know that I'm thankful for their love. 

So on this Thanksgiving night, I thank each of you for being a part of my life.  I thank you for reading my words, sharing in my pictures, my thoughts & ideas.  I thank you for you. 

As we say in yoga when ending a class .....


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