Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 --- A year of firsts & constants

As I've been contemplating blogging my end of the year review, I've been having a hard time. I keep putting it off. I read others. I note what they have written, what their resolutions are, their hopes, and so much more. Maybe it is the thought of writing about a year -- another year of my life that has passed. Another year older ... and might I had, hopefully, another year wiser.

This morning when driving in I had Oprah's Soul Series on the radio. The guest speaker spoke these words and they've resonated with me all morning "...I don't want to be off course for long ..." That truly is my mantra and I had not known it. I like being low-key. I like being relaxed. Acutally I strive for those things ... I strive to have a life of balance -- balance in my relationships, work, spiritual/religious self, and overall balance. I've found that when I begin to go off course, I'm able to notice it and get back on track alittle quicker then I have in the past. Is this because of my age? My active awareness of myself -- both physical & emotional?

A Year of Firsts

My first grandchild, Gavin Liam, was born on Ocotber 12 to my first born -- Missy. Five weeks later ... my second grandson, Mason Nicholas, was born to my second born -- Nina.

Hearing my girls each say, after their sons were born, "I never knew I could love something so much."

In February, I acheived a goal that I had set for age 50 --- I become a yoga instructor. My business, Red Barn Yoga, is up & running and very successful.

Reading "Eat, Pray & Love" ... realizing that I'm not the only one out not wanting to be off course in life.

A Year of Constants
My continued awe of my children -- now grown adults. Jake working and being very successful in his career. Missy -- becoming a Mom and an incredible one at that. Moving to NC and looking towards completing her education. Nina -- getting married, having a baby six weeks early --- showing determination, compassion and becoming an advocate for her son while he was in NICU.

The constant love, support & compassion of the man I love. While it may seem like we don't do much (such as traveling, going out) ... we do alot! We live a life that we both are passionate about. We support each other and for that I'm forever grateful.

The constant support & compassion of my friends. Their prayers & encouraging words during times of struggle & difficulty for others in my life have lifted me up.

And I should add, the constant accumulation of my frequent flyer miles! I flew back East three times this year. I'm saving my miles for my 50th birthday and I'm taking myself to Europe!

So for now, I will end .. I've babbled enough. I have something else I'd like to blog before the end of the day, but want to get it all together.

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