Sunday, October 5, 2008

Patiently waiting .....

for my first Grandson to be born. His pumpkin is ripe ... so what is holding him up? I'm so excited to be a Grandma. After yoga class last week there was a belly dance class following. I thought "what the heck .... I'm going to be a Grandma, so why not try belly dancing?". And ... I did! I sure had fun and I got the hip bump down pat! Life is too short to not have fun, laugh and make memories.

This afternoon I decorated our home for fall. Note the "G" on the pumpkin ... that is for Gavin Liam, my first soon-to-be Grandson. Mason's pumpkin isn't ready yet ... and besides, Mason is not due to be born until after Christmas.

I forgot to post my Fav Five on Friday ... so I will a few days late. In no particular order,
1. Made a homemade apple pie this week, and it is gone already! I had some help :-)
2. Had a day off!!!!!
3. Watched "Private Practice"
4. Put fresh sheets on the bed
5. Have been enjoying a hot cup of herbal tea each evening.


Audrey Pettit said...

Your porch looks fabulous, as does the mailbox. I love fall so much. Wish I had a nice porch like yours to decorate. Love the big G on your almost here grandson's pumpkin. Hope you don't have to wait much longer!

Danielle Holsapple said...

Fun pumpkin! And so glad you tried belly dancing!