Friday, December 28, 2007

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let It Snow!!

Yikes, I've been neglecting my blog. I think about things I want to share, then don't do it. Maybe one of my resolutions (which I swore off about 10 years ago) should be "I will regularly update my blog". Umm, what would regularly look like? :-)
I absolutely love this weather we're having. I brought the camera with me and stopped a few places along the road before hitting the highway into town. A few weeks ago when we had some snow I took JP sledding down the hill next to the house. He laughed and had a great time. We'll still have some snow (I'm hoping!) on Monday, so we should get another sledding opportunity.

Our Christmas Holidays have been quiet. With just the two of us at home, it makes for quiet holidays. We celebrated Christmas on Christmas Eve with the Startin Family. When we came home Santa had visited our home, stocked the tree & our stockings. No matter how old I get, I still believe in Santa. I get pleasure out of picking just the right thing for that special person and watching others unwrap their gifts. I got a couple chick flicks in my stocking; Dick said he plans to be out of the house when I watch the "Notebook" --- especially after Heather told us how many kleenexes she went through when watching it.

Christmas day I was Dick's 'hired gal' at the feedlot in Lewiston -- well at least in the morning that is. We caught up the horses bright and early and headed out. The weather in Lewiston was cold, crisp & clear. I enjoyed riding pens and through the cattle. After morning chores we headed to Shari's for a bite to eat. I was amazed at all the people eating out on Christmas Day ... but then again, I think it was one of the few places open to eat. While Dick fed in the afternoon, I relaxed with some magazines in the pick-up.
Woo-hoo!!! Someone just came by my office and gave me three tickets to the WSU & NC A&T game in Pullman tonight. Can you say D.A.T.E. night! I'd better get home and get ready.
Happy New Year Everyone!


joni said...

Those are gorgeous pictures of where you live Suzy!!!! Sounds like you had a wonderful holiday ..... Love the Notebook!!!! Yes, grab the box of Kleenex! Happy New Year!

Nancy said...

Pretty pictures Suzy!! miss you come see us soon!

Sharon said...

WOW, tose are beautiful pictures. It's good to read you blog. Glad you had a good Christmas.
This has nothing to do with what you wrote, well maybe the horses. We just a little shop open here in Frederick it's called Cowboy Stuff Lipstick and Spurs, I thought of you immediately!

Rita said...

I love these photos you've posted Suzy! They are so beautiful!

I got the Notebook for Christmas too -- I've only seen it once, but it is DEFINITELY a box of kleenex movie!!!