Thursday, October 25, 2007

A little fun for today ... I've been tagged

I've been tagged

Happy Thursday!

Well our temperatures are dropping … almost 10 degrees lower. Guess I really have to get out the thermals now. Need to finish packing up the camp trailer this afternoon and get last minute things for round-up. Flashlights …ok, I’m getting older and my vision is going (well … maybe I’m exaggerating alittle) but when it is dark, flashlights are great to have. We have one! And we live in the country on a farm. Hello … I think we need more then one. So, I’m hitting up Walmart today to pick up a few more. Can’t ever have too many flashlights, chapstick or bottles of wine! (Threw that last one in for my scrappy friend Susie!) And let me add, a person can never have too much patterned paper or adhesive!

I have been tagged by Raechelle!

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Here are 7 "quirky" facts about me:
1. I love cookies and have one a day .. kinda like a vitamin. I prefer to have it first thing in the morning with my cup of coffee or when I get to work with that first cup of coffee.
2. I have to have moisturizing lip gloss with me at all times. I confess, I’m a lip gl0ss addict.
3. I have to sleep with a window open no matter how cold it is outside.
4. I absolutely detest brussel sprouts.
5. I always read something before turning out the light at night.
6. I only like to write with mechanical fine-point pencils in my notebooks at work.
7. I start playing Christmas/holiday music on November 1.

Here are my 7 friends I am passing this along to:
Christi S

Happy Trails!


Christi Snow said...

cookies absolutely have to better for you than vitamins anyday! :) thanks for the tag...I have already played once, but have been tagged several more times since then so I think that I may do it again. :) smiles!

Norma Kennedy said...

Enjoyed reading your tag- I can't get enough lipgloss either !


Rita said...

Loved reading your facts -- I've enjoyed reading everyone's actually.

Thanks for tagging me! And sorry it took me soooooo long to comment here!!!