Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Delight -- delightful -- delicious! Oooohhh, devious! Couldn't resist that "D" word. :-)

I do delight in the little things each and every day. Each evening or I should say, I try each evening, to list things that I'm grateful for ... maybe I should leave that for the "G" word. Ok, I will.

Anyway ... today I'm delighting in the fact that I am able to wear shorts to work. That I work with a diverse group of women (a few guys).

"How delightful!" ... sounds kinda phony, yet it is so light and refreshing. A soft lemon cake with a light frosting comes to mind ... now that is delightful. Oh, and lets add a lime mojito ... sinfully delightful.

My life is filled with delight. It is walking through my gardens in the morning, watching the birds in the yard. I delight in hearing the cattle 'moo' throughout the evening (unless it is weaning time, then it is no longer delightful!) It is the simple times in which I find delight. Driving home after work and watching the changes in the fields, whether it be the harvest crews or the fields themselves that have changed in the last few weeks. I delight when I turn onto our road and know that home is just at the end of it. I delight that there are these two great dogs that just come running & jumping towards me ... that unconditional love. I delight in the fact that there in a man close by that 'delights' in my cooking! And of course ... me. Had to add that.

Overall delight is an incredible emotion. I love it and look forward to it each day.

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Jayne said...

Wonderful word...it's one of my faves too! I'll join you in a lime mojito...mmmmm delightful!