Monday, November 15, 2010

Day 15 *29 Gifts* Challenge -- A gift & a gift to me

First I will share my gift for today.  I have a friend that absolutely loves all things teapots & snowmen.  While shopping in the city last week I found cute little snowman craft kit.  Nothing fancy, cost only $1.00.  I immediately thought of Miss M, her love for snowmen and my teasing her that she is dangerous with scissors.  This craft would only require a few minutes, glue & her love for snowmen.  Being the papercrafter that I am (I love all things paper!), I also hoard gift bags.  I found a cute little bag, put the craft kit in along with 'words' I had found that fit her to a "T".  I added a personal note ... and ta-dah ... day 15 of the gift giving challenge. 

A gift I received today was a note from a family member.  She has been keeping up with my gift giving notes via the blog and I was quite surprised.  She had gone out, purchased the book, read it and shared how touched she was by the book & the concept within.  The gift for me was "goosebumping & tear-making".  In other words, I had goosebumps as I was reading her note to me & became teary eyed ... this lovely young lady is someone that I've known her whole lifetime.  Although we have lived at a distance, we have kept in touch over the years sporadically.  Through social media, our lives have intertwined and we are 'there' for each other.  To know that she has the desire to create abundance in her life, to fill her home with joy & love ... incredible.  I know quite a few angels above who are beaming down upon her and I'm sure are just as proud as I am. 

To be continued ...........

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