Friday, August 6, 2010

Ramblings ... Comfort & Life

As I begin to write tonight, I am backtracking to earlier this evening when I was in my swing.  Yes .. I've my own swing ... actually it is a single person hammock, but I refer to it as my swing.  I've a step ladder close by to help me get into it, but once I'm in it ... life stands still and reflections begin.  So many thoughts have passed through my mind since early morning.  My favorite song of all times is on my ITouch, just beginning as I opened my blog, "Ave Maria" --- a gentle nudge reminding me of the greater thing in life and of my spirituality. 

While I was in my hammock,  I was thinking that Windy should have her camera capturing the moments of my just 'being'.  I had my ITouch on, Neil Young serenading me, a cold beer in my hand, bare feet, the sprinkler going on the freshly cut grass, a few dogs around me and I was just 'being'.  Listening to Neil Young took me back a few years, 30 to be exact, or around that time frame.  A high school senior figuring life would always be incredible, living in the Salinas & Monterey Bay area, being close to the ocean, not a worry in the world.  Fishermans' Wharf.  Cannery Row.  I had the best of both worlds - farms abundant in produce, the mountains outside my windows and the ocean within a half-hour drive.

Where am I going with this writing this evening.  Reflections.  Reflections on comfort.  I was comfortable in my hammock.  I was comforted.  My husband is outside baling right now.  It is dark out.  I hear the baler through the open windows of our bedroom.  The baler makes a noise that is soothing and rhythmic ... a lullaby of sorts.  My life is comforting.  30 years ago I never would have guessed I'd be living on a ranch in Eastern Washington, the wife of an incredible & loving man, Mom of three fun-loving adults, and Grandma to two little guys and a third on the way. 

I think of my life, the bumps in the road, the challenges I've encountered, the lessons I've learned and the roles I have had, have currently and the challenges ahead.  I acknowledge the love in my life.  Not just the love of my husband, but the love of friends, family, community and self.  I acknowledge that I seek out comfort.  I seek out serenity. 

I think of my children and what they have going on in their lives.  How do they find comfort?  Serenity?  How did I find comfort at their age ... was I aware of serenity?  Was comfort going home to my Mom's?  Was serenity found when the kids were all tucked into bed and fast asleep. 

I'm continually amazed when I reflect, which I do alot, on life -- lessons learned, lived, and gotten through.  Yet life continues. 

What I'd like my children to know is that there will be new lessons, bumps in the roads, hugs & laughter, pranks & games, challenges, and even greater comforts.  And yes, this too shall pass. 


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Wendy said...

Well said, Suzy.... "this too shall pass". I try to remember that when life gets me down. Thanks for sharing these thoughts of inspiration!