Saturday, June 5, 2010

Make new friends and keep the old, (sing with me) one is silver & the other gold...

As a child I was so lucky ... every summer I was able to attend Girl Scout camp starting at 9 years old and annually went up until the week I went into the Navy after my senior year of high school.  My first experience was Camp Tama (Japan).  It sucked though because I had all this really cool & brand new camping (all Girl Scout, of course) and I'll never forget this --- my first CASE pocket knife.  Well, the sucky part was I got homesick, we had typhoons, and I sliced my calf open with my new pocket knife ... and above all that, I didn't want to be sent home!  I didn't get sent home, I got stitches at Tachikawa Air Force base, and all my new stuff got mildewed and ruined.  But, I got to change my camp name from Tutti (my family nickname) to Hop-a-long since I was kinda gimping along with stitches in my calf.  Those were the days. 

This summer I'm attending a different type of summer camp ... a scrappy camp on-line.  I'm going to Camp Friendzy.  Everyone is invited.  Here is the info and link: 

Camp is about making friends, new and old, so why not earn your first Merit Badge by inviting your friends to join us at Camp Friendzy for the summer?? Invite your friends, have them introduce themselves in the Scrap-Friendzy Introductionz forum and mention your name. It's that simple!!



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