Tuesday, June 22, 2010

It is not just any cupcake ...

Now this was a very special cupcake.  Actually it was breakfast this morning along with a cup of hot, steamy coffee shared with the most incredible man in my life ... my husband of exactly one year.  Yes sirree ... we started our morning with the celebratory wedding cake top (i.e. our cupcake).  Actually we each had one.  Seriously, couldn't even tell they were a year old!  Tupperware holds up their end of the bargain .. I should write and let them know! 

A year ago today we headed to the Hitching Post in Couer D'Alene, Idaho, taking with us his Aunt Joyce, Aunt Mary & Uncle Stewart.  They had no idea.  Although Aunt Mary kept commenting that we were alittle more cleaned up then usual and why were we going all the way to Couer D'Alene for lunch.  Well when we pulled up at the wedding chapel (wrong one!) and I had to use the car phone to call directory assistance to get directions to the Hitching Post, the gig was up.  Aunt Mary even punched Dick in the back of the arm (she is 92 and can throw a mean punch!).  We found our way to the Courthouse, had the aunts & uncle wait in the car while we got our marriage license and then headed to the Hitching Post, conveniently located right across the street.  I had corsages for the Aunts, boutonnaires for the men, and a beautiful bouquet for me in the back and geez, were the others surprised to see those!  So our guests were also our photographers and for some reason or another they took plenty of pictures, but must have closed their eyes when we kissed. 

A year ago today I married a man who was more then what I had on my checklist (yes, I had a checklist) and a few things weren't checked off my list, but hey, a girl can't have it all.  Besides, I look at it like this .. the things not on the checklist were BONUSES! 

I married a man of dignity and compassion.  A man of strength, not only physically but in his way of life, his convictions, thoughts and action, both quiet and not so quiet.  I married a man that fills my 'love tanks' (Read the book "Love Languages" to find out about the love tanks).  I married a man that respects me, works with me, teaches me, laughs with me and so much more.  I married a man that accepted my three children.  I married a man that is proud to be the grandfather of our grandsons and any other grandchildren that come our way.  I married a man that is my life partner.  I married a man that is just that ... a man.  I married the love of my life.  As I told the preacher when we were saying our vows "in sickness and in health ... and even when he is working cows!".  The preacher didn't get it ... but we did! 

Today I AM married to my best friend. 

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