Thursday, May 27, 2010

I'm seeing 12x12 Layouts everywhere I look and a RAK

For the past few weeks I see 12x12 layouts everywhere I look.  The Palouse is coloring up -- the wheat fields are greener, the alfalfa is getting taller, the fields that have been sprayed are getting browner (if they were meant to be brown) and varigated shades of red are here and there.  When I see the fields, hills and sky  --- I imagine a 12x12 layout, wondering how those colors will flow; even putting holding my fingers up, making somewhat of a frame to look through, moving the frame around to shift the colors.  If the fields themselves are a variety of colors -- the strength, straight, green wheat next to the curly, tall, flowering alfalfa.  And then I'll look at my garden, sitting there and wondering again just how those colors would work together on paper.  And even amongst the tools and equipment laying around I see embellishments!  Am I the only one that sees scrappy layouts in everyday life?  Quilters have been doing this for centuries ... making quilts based upon stories and life interpretations. 

I've been cleaning out fabric (rubbermaid boxes full!) and have decided I need to give it to a new home.  So, if you'd like some fabric (various sizes, colors & textures) give me holler.  Maybe you have a memory to share of a special dress made for you as a child, a quilt or another memory that has to do with fabric.  Share that memory and I'll randomly choose two (2) recipients on June 5th. 

Looking forward to your memories. 


Suzy West said...

One of the sweetest memories of my youth was of my grandma. I had three female cousins and at every holiday she would make us each the SAME dress and we had to wear them the same day.
When I was young I didn't like it but now that I'm older those memories make me so happy!!!

Danielle said...

I LOVE your blog. I am a country girl also :) Waiting to get my cast on so I can go to the hay field :)

Chrys said...

:) Oh, fabric has always been part of my life! Now as a quilter it's the joy that brings a smile to my face. But it's in the blood, seeing my grandma and aunts quilt since I was knee high to a grasshopper, it was destiny for me to be part of that history. My grandma always made me dresses each year when I was little, but what made it even more special was she would make a matching dress for my cabbage patch doll Myrna Angellic. :)

AngMomof3 said...

Hi Suzy.
I too adore this time of the year on the palouse for crafty inspiration. It's amazing here.
My first hobby at age 6 was quilting. My Grandma Viola taught me. I distinctly remember visiting fabric stores and buying bolts of clearance fabrics that Grandma was sure she'd use one day. When she died just two days before my high school graduation, I was too short sighted to ask family for some of her fabrics. I now wish I had a little of her collection to create with.
So I'd love a little of your fabrics. They may not be Grandma's, but I bet I could still create with them. :)

Brandi said...

When I was growing up we didn't have a lot of money so my mother made all the clothes, blankets, etc for my dolls out of remnants or scraps from our clothes. I saved a lot of those over the years and now Drew's dolls wear them.