Sunday, January 3, 2010

Grab your coffee ... it's a LONG one! *Looking back over the past decade*

I have been reading others posting about their last decade. Now if I had written this for 80-90 --- well I would have had the marriage, the kids, travels, etc. As for the past 10 years, well … they have been 10 years of growth, learning the true meaning of choices and love.

Some think I've always been a 'farm' diva, but that is not the fact.  My Mom was raised on the Imana River, just outside of Joseph, Oregon and I grew up in Yokohama, Japan (Navy Brat).  In Japan, I attended Sancta Maria International School -- girls only from fifth grade on.  Back to my Mom --- she instilled in me the values of a hard working farm family.  She was my  instant 4H leader -- teaching me to bake, cook, can, sew and so much more.  The family history of riding horses --- well it is just in my blood.  Although I will admit, I'm terrified to jump on my horse (I value my hips!) and I'm more of a lets get the cattle in and get 'er done (my husband instilled that in me!).   My wonderful friends, Heather & Jamie, encourage me to do more (i.e. not be such a chicken butt!).
So ... here is a look back and also an idea of how I came to "The Big Red Barn" ....

Over the past 10 years, I (tried to keep this in order – but some things overlap others):

• Job hunted … a lot … and I despised it! Do you know how hard it is to find a job if you’ve held jobs for long length of time & you’ve a college degree (yep, some gal – won’t mention the agency said their agency only helped those who could NOT hold jobs and were uneducated!)

• Watched my first born graduate from high school

• Discovered my passion for scrap booking & made my first Design Team this year!

• Turned 40

• Divorced

• Moved to a dinky little apartment in a not so nice part of Spokane

• Began a job as a Life Activities Director, discovering my passion for working with elderly and those nearing end of life

• Discovered that happy hours meals, especially when one is single, are great for the budget!

• Traveled back east to visit my kids ALOT (and they’ve been out as much)

• Watched my other two children graduate from high school

• Celebrated the college graduation of our massage therapist

• Celebrated my girls (affectionately referred to as "the sisters") getting married (to best friends who are both active duty Marines) and my son Jake's engagement to Kait.

  • Met this really incredible man (more to come) ... and I mean, really!!!! incredible!

  • • Moved to a home on a farm out in the middle of nowhere and LOVED it! *the bet was (amongst my friends) if I could live there for a year without whining & complaining, my now husband would ask me to move in with him

    • Discovered my weekends on the cattleman’s ranch were just an indication of my life to come … the life I fell in love with

    • Rediscovered my passion for yoga & become a yoga instructor

    • Won Blue Ribbons at the County Fair (had Mom coaching me from Above -- reminding me of our days winning Blue Ribbons at the Salinas County Fair)

    • Fell in love and learned what ‘love’ really is all about in a relationship.

    • Discovered a man can be honest, sincere, genuine, faithful, and so much more.

    • I continue my annual pilgrimage to The Imnaha River to visit “Mom” – her final resting place. Always placing rose petals and my annual letter to her into the river.  This year I added a bouquet of lavender for my Aunt Sue who passed away in December of 2008.

    • Applied for & was given an opportunity at a new job doing what I love to do – talk, teach & visit with people

    • Moved, once again, emptied all storage sheds and am now living with the man who became my husband

    • Become a cattlewoman (must have been channeling my Mom who loved her life on the Imnaha)

    • Learned to help cows calve and can now do it independently ... well for the most part, if no one else is around to help.

    • Became a regular farm hand (except for the mechanic’ing part)

    • Reconnected with ‘new’ old friends

    • In addition, this past year …. Became the wife to the man who is genuine, sincere and so much more. A man so kind. A man that leaves an impact on those he meets. A man who has never met a stranger

    • Was blessed with two wonderful son-in-laws --- Mark & Jayson, both U.S. Marines who have each served in Iraq twice

    • Welcomed our two Grandsons’ into the world – Gavin Liam & Mason Nicholas. Who knew that being a Grandparent was so ‘perfect’

    • Married my wonderful husband this past summer on June 22.

    The past 10 years has had its ups & downs. Moreover, through these ups & downs, I’ve learned to come home to the basics – to the values my Mom taught me and more importantly, these words “Wait four seasons before making a decision”. Of course, not on something that needs to happen now … but if it is a life changing ‘choice’ --- then yes, these words have worked for me. I have learned that Love is a real thing. Not just the love of a mother and child or the love between friends … the love between two partners who are willing to support each other, make sacrifices, try new things, and more importantly …. Agree to disagree.

    Cheers to a new decade. A decade to be filled with life, new adventures, good health and above all … LOVE.


    Anonymous said...

    Abolutely beautiful. Hi I just joined Serendipity Scrapbooks forum. You post a reply on my New Member post and I thought I would visit your blog. Nice to meet you.
    Karen Diebolt

    Vet 1 or Vet 2 said...

    Happy New Year to you too!