Monday, November 30, 2009

Happy Birthday to a Very Special Brother

Today is my brother's 50th birthday.  Someone asked me if he was in mourning --- and it is quite the opposite.  My brother Bobby has no concept of age, hatred or the ugliness in our world.  My brother is autistic and mentally retarded (that may not be the politically correct term ... but it is what it is).  Bobby's verbal capability is that of maybe a one year old.  To look at him, the average person would think "he is an average guy on the street". 

I'm the little sister by three years.  As children I can remember playing games & running around outside.  I also remember the time he tied me to the clothesline pole and there were red ants at my feet and he was clueless!  Typical brother & sister story.  He also gave me the nickname "Tutti" ... his version of Suzy. 

My Mom made a very difficult decision early in my brother's life.  He went to live at an institution in the state of California.  I remember going to visit him, playing at the playground and noticing that the other kids in his 'home' were just like him.  As he got older and California began to change their policies and integrated the criminally insane into the institutions ... it was time for change.  Although my brother lived in a separate area for autistic individuals, Mom didn't want to take the chance that somehow Bobby would be co-mingled. 

We were blessed with a very special adult family home where Bobby now lives.  It is run by an 'angel' who was also one of the nurses at the State Hospital he lived at.  Willie is a blessing to our family.  I trust her & her staff 100%.  My brother is happy and knows no other life. 

I'm blessed by my brother.  He has taught me to love, be fair, and not take the little things for granted. 

On this day I wish my Big Brother who loves trains, kitty cats & going for rides, a very Happy Birthday. 

I love you brother Bobby .... your Tutti

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