Thursday, October 15, 2009

When your kids have kids ...

I remember hearing or reading cute little quips every now and then about when your kids have kids.  I find myself, as of late, often biting my tongue and telling myself to 'shoosh' when my girls share their latest adventures with their boys.  Words such as "pick & choose your battles" or "don't forget to praise also" seem to be constant and at the same time I'm telling myself to listen, offer support and let them know they are doing the right thing.  And, they are!  The sisters (our name for Missy & Nina)  are incredible Moms.  Each different in their parenting approach and yet very much the same -- just as the girls are themselves.  I'm blessed that my girls are very close to each other, very loving and are unconditional in their love to their families. 

Still, I giggle to myself when they share their stories and moments of frustation.  And once again I raise my glass and cheer ... TO LIFE! 

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