Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Palouse Empire Fair Week & Memories of Past Fairs

This Thursday marks the first day of our fair. What a wonderful time of the year for so many families. Harvest is over. School is in full swing. The camp trailers are moving into the fair grounds. Kids are getting their animals and exhibits ready for the scrutiny of the judges. Tears will be shed as their animals are sold.

The fair is a time of reunions for so many others. We catch up on the 'what happenings' of the past year. Share harvest stories. Comment on how much the kids have grown. Visit late into the evening while sharing the annual Chili Feed on Saturday night at the Steiger's camp trailer and washing the chili down with whatever is passed your way.

The first thing I do when I get to the fair is go straight to my exhibits and see how I did, wondering what 'constructive feedback' the judges left for me -- and beginning to figure out what I can do better next year to get the elusive "Best of Show" for my Zucchini Relish --- maybe this year! This year I also entered some of my scrapbook layouts.

I remember when Mom would help me get things ready for the fair. When it came to baking we always had to make a minimum of three of each. Then Mom would show me what the judges would look for, take points off, etc. She always knew just what to look for. Of course the best part of judging was tasting what we had made. Just as I do as an adult, as a child I also went straight for my exhibits to see how well I did. I received blue ribbons and a few best of shows.

I look forward to the year when the grandsons can enter their first steer into the fair. Here they are able to show at 3 years old. Grandpa will pick out just the right one for them. And ... that means they will be able to stay for a few weeks! Always a method to my madness.

So to all who attend the fair, be sure to look through the exhibits. Children of all ages have worked diligently to prepare their crafts, sewing projects, recycle projects, baked & canned goods and animal. A lot of work, pride & love have gone into these projects. Be sure to praise our young ones. Many of these skills are dying off and we need to ensure they continue on.

Oh ... and don't forget all the 'calorie-free' goodies!!!!

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Lisa T. Howard said...

Hi Suzy! Just followed your link from Serendipity Scrapbooks! So glad you have joined us there!

I loved reading about the fair from a participant's stand point. I grew up in a farming community and we had a strong 4-H group but the closest fair was 4 hours away. I never participated but many of my childhood friends did. It wasn't until roughly 10 years ago that we became fortunate enough to have the Mountain State Fair here in my hometown. It starts this weekend and after reading your post, I am feeling the need to attend. :)

Best of luck on your entries. Be sure and post about them on the forum. We have a Daily Chit Chat section and this would be perfect info to share. Also, you appear to be a fabulous blogger. If you are interested, be sure to check out our blogging challenges. Looking forward to learning more about you and seeing all your work in our gallery! {{{hugs}}} Lisa