Wednesday, November 26, 2008

To Life!

Happy Thanksgiving! A day of gratitude, remembrances, and wonderful food. We will be sharing our Thanksgiving with friends & family. This Thanksgiving we get to add our new Grandsons, Gavin Liam & Mason Nicholas, to our prayers. An added bonus for Christina & Jayson is that their son, Mason, will be discharged from NICU to their home. He is doing wonderfully! We were blessed that he did not need to be on oxygen ... thanks to the miracle of medicine.

I enjoy my Yogi tea (vanilla hazelnut and peach detox are my favorites). I especially look forward to the words on the tea bags. I use those words each day as my 'mantra' for the day. Whether I'm at work, home or practicing yoga -- I try to remember those words. On Monday the words were "An attitude of gratitude brings opportunities". How true. I find that in my own life by changing the way I speak, focusing on what I desire in life not what I don't want, be grateful of the opportunities & blessings I receive each and every day ... yes, all of this brings opportunities into my life. Some of these opportunities are not instantaneous. I know that some will be later and some may not come at all, but that is okay. Isn't that what life is about ... learning to be grateful for what we have today. Knowing that we can love today for today is what we have now. To be grateful for the people in our everyday life and not take them or their actions for granted.

This Thanksgiving I'm thankful for:

My beliefs
My children & grandchildren
The man I love & share my life with
The wonderful friends I have, near & far
The country that I live in and the men & women who protect us *especially my nephew, Adam, who is serving in Iraq & my sons'-in-law who have each served in Iraq twice*
My life

As they say in Hebrew "Lachiam" (sp?) TO LIFE!


Sherry said...

Your grandson is so cute!! TFS.

jakey said...

Suzy, I share almost all of your thankfull thoughts! My family mean the world to me, they''re my all, and I understand your love for the tiny ones.

hugs today, hugs tomorrow.

jk xxxx