Friday, November 21, 2008

Scattered Thoughts on a Friday Afternoon

Thought #1: I'm sooooo thankful it is Friday. I guess I should not complain as I've only been in the office for three days this week. And next week is a short week ... so it is all good. Don't get me wrong, I don't want time to fly, but sometimes I just know that I've other things to do in my life besides work. Oh, I forgot ... work supports my habits (scrapbooking & traveling to see my kids). Guess I'd better keep on working or hit the lottery. I continually hope & pray that my main job will be teaching yoga only. Teaching people to become aware of their bodies through exercise, breathing techniques and being 'in the moment' is a joy. And it is not limited to just those things. Yoga is so much more.

Thought(s) #2:
My Friday Five
* On Sunday, my second grandchild -- Mason Nicholas -- was born.
* Got to see my sweetie on Monday
* Slept in my own bed (after being gone for 9 days) with my favorite red flannel sheets (with white snowflakes) -- can you say 'c.o.m.f.y'
* I 'heard' we had a few snowflakes yesterday **Think snow!**
* Homemade chocolate chip cookies I baked on Tuesday. Exquisite with a glass of cold milk --- especially if they are still warm. I hid some in the freezer for later.

Thought #3: Back to this Grandma business. It is pretty cool. My daughters continually update me with new photos. Gavin (GS#1) gets bigger each time I see him. Mason (GS#2) is still in NICU but gets stronger & closer to being discharged each day.

Thought #4: Holiday Music -- I've been playing it since Halloween. I love it. Downloaded the new Enya holiday album from ITunes yesterday -- beautiful. I absolutely love holiday music and do not limit myself to one genre. Found a pretty cool acapella group "Straight No Chaser" -- wonderful & strong male voices. What are your favorite holiday tunes/artists? Any new ones ones this year?

And so I could continue to ramble but really want to check out blogs from my friends at Create My Keepsake ( If you have not checked out this scrapbooking site you are missing out on some incredible talent, wonderful chatter & great friends.

Happy Holidays!

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Leigh said...

Great thoughts for a Friday, Suzy!
I agree, CMK is the best!!
Glad to hear your grandsons are doing well!