Sunday, August 24, 2008

Harvest is over, finally!

Wow, we didn't know if we'd ever get done this year. We had some great rainshowers, but there were not good for harvest. Both of our truck drivers are WSU students, so it was up to BW to buck up and drive truck. She was incredible!!! Now if we can only convince her husband to hire her next year. Being the great & wonderful pretend wife that I am, about noon (yesterday) I bought lunch up to my guy. Oh, and let me not forget to mention that I made peanut butter chip cookies yesterday morning and took them out to the shop, wonderfully presented on paper plate with lovely blue trim. Ummmm, maybe I should change my blog to "Confessions of June Cleaver .... 50 years later!" Ok, back to my combine story. So my guy was trying to eat lunch & drive at the same time. I 'steered' the wheel for a moment and the next thing I know he is climbing over me and I'm in the drivers seat. I drove combine. He is not so patient, really, and is very direct when giving instructions, assuming I know what the heck all three or four buttons do. My studies were in psychology, figuring out humans ... not farm machines. Any way, we are still happily pretend married today, there were no bruises, bumps or spills. If you're wondering how long did I drive for ... about 10 minutes but my gosh it seemed like hours. I was so wishing I had bought a cold beer up in the cooler for me and I wouldn't have shared. Oh ... and to top this all up, while I was driving, he decided to step outside of the combine. I'm screaming and freaking, while keeping my eye on the header to make sure I'm cutting straight. Oh ... and I'm claustrophic so here I am telling myself to breath, focus and be the oh-so-cool yogini that I am and silently I'm completely freaking out! And to think that I call my daughter a drama queen .. wonder where she gets it from.

So Harvest is done for another year. Who knows, maybe new year BW will drive truck & I'll be on combine. Ummmm, I don't think so ... well at least the me on combine part. We had a wonderful post-Harvest dinner @ Wingers with the Wigen Family and MS. KR & JP kept us entertained throughout the meal ... vocal entertainment included. :-)

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