Thursday, October 18, 2007

I'm loving this weather!

I love puttting on my scarf, coat, gloves and warm clothes this time of the year. Just feeling the brisk cold air hit my cheeks is so refreshing and in my mind, my cheeks are rosy & glowing from the cold air.

Sleeping with the windows opened just a crack when it is cold outside is so refreshing to me. Snuggling under the covers, cuddling to stay warm and feeling that cold air on my face .... wonderful!

Yes, I'm one of them that love to wear fun hats in the fall & winter with bright scarfs and sweaters too.

I'm thinking some hot chocolate with snappes (sp?) or a cup of hot tea ... wonderful.

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Raechelle said...

I hear ya! My favorite weather is when it's in the 20's and cool brisk! There's nothing like feeling that cool refreshing air rush into your chest, it makes me feel alive!