Wednesday, September 5, 2007


One of my favorite things in this creation is flowers. This is a picture I took last month in my garden of one of the many sunflowers I've grown. The other picture is of my Mattie 'hiding' behind the lavendar. I have about 5 lavendar bushes growing. When I was in Sequim this spring for a conference I picked up a couple plants. One survived and one sadly didn't.
Living on a farm has some luxuries ... lots of dirt to play and grow things in. I've planted new flowers and flowers from years past (I'm guessing decades) are still growing. I hate to pull them up and move them, but I've got plans for my garden of flowers. I've some ultimate goals for my garden and of course, like most goals ... there will be time involved. Time to plan, plant, and time for my goal(s) to evolve. Maybe I should have went straight to the "G" word. :-)

I have always hoped that my love of flowers is something I've inherited from my Mom or 'Honey' as my kids lovingly called her. No matter where we lived in the world ... there were flowers. And not just the beautiful live ones. Flowers on our pillowcases, floral patterns on our towels. No ... not a floral nightmare -- just simple patterns here and there. For each grandchild born, Mom would plant a rose bush. When Mom passed away, it only seemed fitting that as we scattered her ashes we also scattered rose petals from her garden.

A flower is such a simple thing, yet complicated. Delicate, yet hardy. One of Mom's favorite sayings was "it takes some flowers longer to bloom then others." She'd usually say this when she was referring to a child or an adult. It is something I've always remembered and my kids have also.

One of my favorite pictures of my daughter Christina is taken in Honey's backyard in Spokane. Nina is standing next to a gigantic sunflower with a really cute outfit that Honey had sewn for her. She also had an adorable hat on that Honey had attached a .... you guessed it, a flower!
So for now I think of the fall flowers coming into season, the summer ones dying off and the magazines that I get to look through dreaming of my 'floral' room outside where I can one day sit amongst my flowers and just be.


Nancy said...

You said it all, I love flowers, they ad so much to a persons life.
I could not imagine our yard with no flowers.

Jayne said...

Don't you just love having a green thumb. I wish I could see your farm and gardens. I be they are spectacular! My life would be incomplete without my flower garden.

Dawn W said...

Gorgeous flower Suzy! I just love playing with flowers too, but the weeds seem to take control at some point during the hot months...but as long as they have a pretty flower on them or are nice and green, I am ok with that.


Jeanne said...

I love flowers too Suzy. Just posted a few pictures I took on my blog today.